Who’s Hacked is Pakistan’s first cybersecurity platform that provides you with exciting news on major breaches! We plan on to introducing more initiatives for our readers: for them to enhance their knowledge through breaches analysis, vulnerability writeups and a lot more things that we have planned! Cybersecurity is of immense importance and continues to get more significant with the rise of our dependency on technology: individually or industrial applications.


It is founded by Muhammad Bin Shahzad, an Ethical Hacker and an A-level student who has been recognised by Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, eBay and many other companies for reporting them security vulnerabilities that were discovered on their applications. He started his career in this industry at just the age of twelve(12), that is when he was enlisted in Microsoft’s Hall of Fame. Moreover he managed to work with leading companies in Pakistan along with continuing his school including NETSOL Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bramerz and others after his school hours. Furthermore He has been a mentor to the incubated startups and had his own startup selected into Top-100 Startups from around the world in StartupGrind Startup Exhibition in Silicon Valley, US. Adding onto it, he has been featured in major media including BBC, Times of Oman, Express Tribune and a lot of others as well.


It has been a matter of fact that security is a negative goal: restricting a specific individual’s access to a resource hence it is harder to achieve. For a resource to be secure the team has to think of countless possibilities that could lead to potential cybersecurity threat but for an attacker, all it takes is to think of one out of them.

With Pakistan’s growing interest in modern technologies, cybersecurity is now one of the newly emerging industry that has everyone’s attention. There is a lot left to explore in it, and we are happy to be here to help you through it.