Hackers leaked EA Data Completely

Hackers leaked EA data completely,

The hackers who breached Electronic Arts last month have recently leaked entire data they stole. The hackers attempted to extort EA but failed and hence released the stolen data as a consequence.

The hackers have managed to leak 751GB of data that also includes the source code of FIFA 21. The leaked data comes from a compromised that happened in June 2021. EA also confirms that no player data was included in the leaked data.

The data was dumped on an online underground forum online at July 26, 2021 and later was widely distributed on torrent websites from there on. The leaked data contains source code of FIFA 21 along with some tools to support their server side operations, as confirmed.

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Story Behind EA Breach

The possession of EA’s data by the hackers was confirmed on June 10, the hackers posted a thread on underground cybercrime forum online where they claimed of having their data and were willing to sell it for $28 million at that time.

In an interview, the hackers have openly claimed that they gained possession of EA’s data after they had purchased authentication cookies of EA’s internal Slack channel from a dark web market place known as ‘Genesis’.

The hackers further revealed that they used those authentication cookies to pretend as an already logged-in EA employee to access EA’s internal Slack channel through which they tricked EA’s IT support to grant them with access to EA’s internal network, which they successfully did. That lead to the hackers locally downloading more than 780GB of data from EA’s code repositories.

The hackers hoped to make huge amount of money by selling this EA’s stolen data but were unable to find any legitimate buyer in the underground cybercrime market as the stolen data held no value for the people there involved. The buyers in the underground cybercrime marketplace were more interested into buying data that involved user’s personal or financial data.

After the hackers failed with their initial strategy of making money, they then proceeded with extorting EA. They threatened EA to pay them an undisclosed amount of money to avoid the leak of the stolen data online. Initially they did release cache of 1.3GB of the stolen data on July 14 to pressurise EA but later hackers leaked EA data entirely two weeks later when EA didn’t give them hopes.

“Following the incident, we’ve already made security improvements and do not expect an impact on our games or our business,” an EA spokesperson told The Record. “We are actively working with law enforcement officials and other experts as part of this ongoing criminal investigation.”

EA has already confirmed that the leaked data did not contain any player’s data and was not even accessed by the hackers hence putting no questions toward player’s data privacy and integrity.

Image: The Record
Image: The Record

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