Tactical Edge Networking, Germany and Netherland’s first military internet

The new military internet being developed with Germany and Netherlands merge, is named Tactical Edge Networking or TEN in short.

Technology indeed has been increasingly used in the battlefield as well, including a rapid increase in IoT(internet of things) use too which also increases the risk with the benefits it brings yet countries are moving forward with it as it brings them a step forward than the rest of the world.

This week an agreement was signed between Government officials from Germany and Netherlands to build the first-ever joint military internet.

Germany and Netherlands join hands for the first ever military internet, Tactical Edge Networking.

NATO defense ministers met this week on Wednesday in Brussels, Belgium where an accord was signed.

The master plan is to have NATO members share a single military network, so all NATO states could have improved joint standards deployed.

Tactical Edge Networking would have a prototype center at Bernard Barracks in Amersfoort, the Netherlands while would have its headquarters located in Koblenz, Germany.

Tactical Edge Networking or TEN would be used to merge communications between German army’s land-based operations and the ‘FOXTROT’ communications program of the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

Both of the countries initially agreed to this idea of building the first-ever military internet in May 2018.

Such efforts by Germany and Netherlands is totally opposite to what China and Russia has adopted for its isolation efforts. Not only this, United States along with other European countries accused Huawei to facilitate Chinese government in spying.



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